20-tonne crane entirely submerged after toppling into Wellington Harbour

Wellington’s port operator is trying to figure out how to recover a 20-tonne crane that fell into Wellington Harbour. 

The crane, which CentrePort said fell from Seaview Wharf in Hutt Valley into 12 metres of water on Wednesday, was entirely submerged on Thursday. The crane driver was unharmed in the accident.

Planning for the salvage operation was underway to recover the crawler crane. On Thursday the Seaview Wharf was a busy hub of workers evaluating the situation.

CentrePort was developing a salvage plan and looking for a contractor to recover the crane in order bring back normal tanker shipping operations.

The crane fall was being investigated. The fender replacement work on the wharf being undertaken by GK Shaw Limited has been suspended.

An aerial shot of Seaview Wharf where the crane fell, however, no ship was berthed when the incident occurred.

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