250t Demag crane for Canada

Canadian crane rental company Kerr Crane Service has taken delivery of a 250 tonne Demag AC 250-6 All Terrain crane.

The six axle crane features an 80 metre main boom plus a 36 metre extension, giving a maximum tip height of 113 metres. The new crane joins a fleet that ranges from a 28 tonne boom truck to a 400 tonne All Terrain. The crane was delivered by Terex distributor Cropac Equipment, and is currently installing gates in the power house at the Harmon Generating Station in Kapuskasing, Ontario.

Vice president Logan Kerr said: “We wanted a crane that could handle a variety of demanding lifts, was easy to transport between jobs and didn’t require a lot of setup time. The Demag AC 250-6 All Terrain gives us the biggest bang for the buck. The crane sets up quickly, has user-friendly controls with a simple operation control system and is cost effective to transport. We save on labour costs, which makes our company a better business partner on future projects.”

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