Allied Electronics & Automation sparks conversions with sharper imaging

Putting the right spin on products is helping to convert more online buyers at industrial electronics distributor Allied Electronics & Automation, says Stacey Ostermann, director of digital product content. For online buyers, it can feel like they’re holding that product in their hands.

For Allied’s ecommerce site, providing detailed, useful displays of electronics products deployed in factory automation systems and other industrial uses is crucial to its ability to engage Allied’s customers with their highly technical needs, she adds.


Stacey Ostermann, director of digital product content, Allied Electronics & Automation

“This isn’t like shopping for a dress on Amazon, when a customer can ask ‘Do I really want it?’” Ostermann says. “Customers who search on our site know what they want, and really need to meet their exact product specifications.”

That’s why Allied Electronics & Automation has consistently upgraded its ecommerce site,, since launching it in 1998. “We’re adding tons of content to our site, including expert advice articles,” she says. “We want to help customers solve problems—not just give them products, but show them how to fix problems.” Allied, the Americas business unit of United Kingdom-based multibillion-dollar electronics distributor Electrocomponents plc, sells throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico and is starting to sell into Chile.

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