Amazon tests the market for private-label B2B products Inc. is looking at a whole new game plan for B2B ecommerce: selling its own private-label business products.

What remains to be seen with the quiet rollout of AmazonCommercial is whether the world’s biggest web merchant is just testing the waters for a full range of private-label products aimed at business buyers or if it already has a full-scale rollout underway.

Either way, B2B product distributors and niche web merchants that sell janitorial and sanitation supplies, paper products and related items to businesses already are taking notice. “It stands to reason that Amazon would launch a commercial private label program in the janitorial paper category as they seek to own the entire strata of the food chain,” says Vic Hanna, CEO of, which sells a range of medical equipment and supplies online but was founded as an ecommerce site for janitorial and cleaning supplies. “It would not be surprising to learn if they were planning to grow the pulp which produces the paper.”

AmazonCommercial store on

In June Amazon rolled out an AmazonCommercial store on to offer its new brand as a product line that “creates value for businesses by providing professional grade, cost-effective products,” Amazon says on the store’s home page. The web store carries paper products categories, including paper towels, toilet paper and facial tissue. AmazonCommercial products are also featured alongside other brands on other sections of outside of the dedicated AmazonCommercial section.

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