How to improve the B2B buying experience

Let’s face it, despite paying lip service to the notion of customer experience, we as B2B marketers and salespeople have often failed to take practical steps to improve it. As a result, the typical B2B purchasing experience is still extremely unpleasant.

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Government shutdown delays Staples-Essendant deal

“However, our final approval has been delayed by the recent government shutdown, which has impacted the work of the FTC and timing of a number of pending approvals, including, unfortunately, ours.”

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U.S. Manufacturing Technology Orders for November 2018 on Par with October Levels

“Orders in the third quarter were amazing, and no one expected that pace to continue into the last three months of 2018,” says AMT President Doug Woods.

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8 signs you should quit your job

Most Americans will spend far more time with their coworkers than their spouses, so remaining at a gig that doesn’t fulfill, challenge, or make you happy is not only a waste of time, but also energy and spirit.

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JLG kicks off 50th anniversary year

President Frank Nerenhausen said: “50 years is a remarkable milestone for both JLG and the access industry. Our founder not only started a company, but an entire industry. This is a key point of differentiation for the JLG brand.

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Foreman overseeing GM plant demolition killed when cable snaps

The foreman of a Boston-based demolition team tearing down the old General Motors plant outside Wilmington died Friday afternoon when he was hit by a snapped cable that was being used to lower steel beams, police said.

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