An All Terrain crane overturned in a residential area of Long Beach, California yesterday.

The crane a five axle Grove GMK owned and operated by local crane rental company Bob Hill, had been working with local utility SoCal Edison and was lifting a fully rigged wooden telegraph pole, into the back yard of the homes, when then crane went over. Its fully extended boom came down across a number of properties, but miraculously it missed a good number of the tightly packed buildings, by falling between them. It did however bring down some of the power lines.

One man – a homeowner – was struck, apparently by flying debris and suffered a cut to the head and a couple of broken ribs but we believe he was discharged from hospital last night.

Several cranes were brought in to recover the overturned machine, with the boom cut into sections and removed. Last night the neighbourhood was getting back to normality, with the power restored and most of the overturned crane removed.

It seems clear from the information we have received that the incident is related to the crane being short rigged on the load side of the lift. It looks as though the front – retracted – outrigger jack, just slipped off the cribbing and overturned. Although it must be said the beam could have retracted when the crane tipped?