Crane operator trapped

His right foot and lower leg were amputated, either by the accident or in order to cut he free from the wreckage.

A lattice crawler crane overturned yesterday at a Bangkok Metro site seriously injuring the operator.

The crane was working on a on a water diversion tunnel at Khlong Bang Sue, which was recently completed. Somehow it managed to overturn onto its side pinning the operator Somphong Kaewduangjan, 54, In his cab. His right foot and lower leg were amputated, either by the accident or in order to cut he free from the wreckage.

He was rushed to the nearest hospital, where he said to be in stable condition. A local reports says that the crane was lifting tunnel lining panels when a sling became stuck. The operator used the crane to try and pull the trapped slings free but instead the effort pulled the crane over.

Police are investigating the exact cause of the incident, but has not charged anyone.

2 thoughts on “Crane operator trapped

  1. Picking the tunnel liners put the operator in a positive mental state but trying to pick the chokers was decidedly negative. It’s easy to determine fault-OPERATOR error/stupidity/miscalculation/under trained? and take that last macho try. We can do it but the crane can’t. It is easy to establish that the crawler crane was operating beyond it’s load limits-just look at it laying over the side which may be part of the problem. Picking over the side always reduces limits. Sorry about the operator-just doing his job as best he could-didn’t deserve an amputated leg for his efforts. I’ve has cranes pull over like this and have lost men in the process. Construction is a dangerous profession.

  2. We had erected a small Wolff tower crane for a motel project. I had noted some non-critical safety conditions. The tech rep came aboard, he and the operator went topside. I stayed on the ground with the carpenter foreman. Shortly I heard a noise like a bridge falling down-it was our crane jib pulling over from a hung up trolley. Soon the entire crane fell over, tossed the operator from the cab and the tech rep thrown from the counterbridge. I found the tech rep on the ground-dead, the operator had been thrown out the cab, seriously wounded. He later died. Construction is a dangerous profession.

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