Distributors have lots of room to grow electronic sales

The total number of U.S. distributors and wholesalers has been declining, but there is still plenty of room for distributors and wholesalers of all sizes to grow electronic sales, according to data and analysis from the 2019 B2B Distributor 300, a soon-to-be-published report from Digital Commerce 360 B2B, publisher of B2BecNews.

Last year electronic sales of all types—including ecommerce, electronic data interchange,e-procurement, B2B marketplaces and industry exchanges—grew 2.3 times faster than all distributor sales, according to data in the 2019 B2B Distributor 300. But today, only 40% of all distributor sales are electronic, meaning distributors and wholesalers have a big opportunityto build and grow ecommerce and gain a competitive advantage over B2B sellers that continue to rely only traditional B2B sales channels including phone and paper orders, according to data in the 2019 B2B Distributor 300.

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