An articulated boom lift over turned earlier this week in Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada – around halfway between Montreal and Quebec City – on Tuesday morning.

The unit appears to be a JLG 800AJ, its riser or tower boom was retracted and raised to its midpoint, while the upper or main boom was also retracted and raised to and angle of around 40 degrees above horizontal. One man was in the platform, when the machine tipped rearwards, landing on its counterweight.

The machine, an 80ft boom lift overturned rearwards

The man in the platform was catapulted out of the basket, but thankfully was wearing a harness and lanyard. It seems there was some contact with the power lines as he went over the top. He was left dangling from his harness at a height of around five metres for some time.
The local fire department arrived but had to wait for the power to be shut down and checked, firemen then used a rescue ladder platform to rescue the man, said to be in his mid 30s from his harness.

The fire department rescue the stranded operator

What caused the overturn is difficult to gauge, it does not appear to be related to the ground giving way below any of its wheels, and the machine was working within its safe working range.

The ground also looks to be fairly level. Could a failed oscillating axle lockout or punctured pneumatic tyre have been the cause? It shouldn’t cause this to happen on level ground. Hopefully we will learn the cause so that others might benefit. The man is seriously hurt but is said to be recovering in hospital.

It is hard to see what might have caused the machine to tip