Man survived 40ft fall in University of Birmingham lift tragedy

This is the first picture of a worker who survived falling 40ft from a scissor lift at a University of Birmingham construction site.

Edmund Vispulskis is recovering from serious injuries he suffered in the tragic incident, which left a 62-year-old co-worker dead.

Investigations into the incident are ongoing but he was believed to have fallen 39ft from a construction hoist after a crane allegedly struck the lift.

He was rushed to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital following the incident at a Balfour Beatty construction site at the Civil Engineering Laboratories zone on Terrace Road, Edgbaston.

Mr Vispulskis suffered serious injuries to his head and multiple fractures to his legs, hands and ribs but is currently in a stable condition.

The 48-year-old works for Eurofixer Ltd and had been working at the site for just over a month before the tragic incident on January 7.

Mr Vispulskis lives in Birmingham city centre and is married to wife Tatjana and has two grown-up children. His son works at the same site but was on holiday at the time of the incident.

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