In 2016, the US workforce quietly reached a tipping point. According to Pew Research analysis of US Census Bureau data, Millennials became the largest generation to be represented in the US workforce, with 35 percent of employed people in the 21 to 36 age group.

This generational shift has been problematic for many industries, none more so than industrial distribution. As the industry-at-large slowly adapts to the Internet age, Millennials and their preferences push distributors out of their comfort zones. And while some rebuff the directive, there are other businesses who embrace it.

One of those embracers is Motion Industries, the Birmingham, AL-based supplier of bearings, pneumatics, hydraulics and mechanical power transmission products. For company president Randy Breaux, a new generation coming into the workforce isn’t so much a challenge, but an opportunity. And while some businesses are merely making it work, Motion is rolling out the red carpet in comparison.

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Old Dog, New Tricks

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