NanoSUN Ltd, a hydrogen storage and refueling company, is pleased to announce that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Pragma Industries. Under the terms of the MOU, NanoSUN will develop a hydrogen refueling system for Pragma’s range of fuel cell Pedelec e-bikes. NanoSUN expects to complete development of the refueler by May 2019 at which time the refueler will be available for purchase by Pragma’s customers.

About NanoSUN Limited: NanoSUN responds to the hydrogen needs of fuel cell users by developing innovative products that refuel, store, purify and analyse hydrogen conveniently and economically. @NanoSUNH2

About Pragma Industries: Pragma Industries is a world class compact fuel cell specialist since 2004. With hundreds of customers worldwide, the company has developed over the years the best in class compact fuel cells. Targeting portable systems and light mobility markets with its technologies, Pragma is dedicated to bringing hydrogen energy to consumer applications worldwide. @PragmaFuelCells