Picky B2B buyers want more and better ecommerce

More business buyers from a wide variety of industries are doing more of their purchasing online, according to a new survey of 560 distributors, manufacturers and wholesalers from ecommerce technology and services provider Sana Commerce.

The February survey finds that respondents are big users of ecommerce. The report notes that, on average, companies go online for 75% of the products they purchase. Nearly two-thirds of buyers—62%—also prefer to go online to access information related to purchasing information and 30% of buyers would prefer doing nearly all of their procurement online.

The Sana survey also finds that B2B sellers need to address kinks in their ecommerce performance that result in problems with customers’ orders. About 44% of buyers encounter online errors in orders from their 10 biggest suppliers at least once every two weeks and 25% of companies want an easier ordering and delivery process, the survey found.

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