The Post-Tensioning Institute showcased several initiatives during last week’s World of Concrete.

PTI says it is currently working on several products and services to meet the growing demands of contractors, owners, departments of transportations and others in designing and building post-tensioned concrete structures, including bridges.

These include:

  • Working with the American Segmental Bridge Institute, PTI will co-publish the second edition of “Specification for Multistrand and Grounted Post-Tensioning” in March. This edition will provide technical information as well as rules for contractors regarding materials, installation, stressing and grouting, says PTI. It will also include additional commentary and new information on PT anchorage testing, duct specifications and other updates.
  • Also in March, PTI will publish the fourth edition of “Specification for Grouting of Post-Tensioned Structures.” The edition includes new requirements on material certification, robustness testing and wet density testing for each tendon.

In addition, PTI has announced it will offer seven scheduled workshops at various locations covering the “Level 1 & 2 Multistrand and Grouted PT Specialist” certification program. This is a three-day class that goes over PT basics, tendon protection levels, PT systems and components, materials and testing, installation, stressing and safety and other items.

New this year is PTI’s “Multistrand and Grouted PT Inspector” field personnel certification program, a three-day workshop going over materials, installation, stressing and grouting. Also new is the “Level 3 Unbonded PT Repair, Rehabilitation and Strengthening” and the “PT System Qualification Testing and Certification” program.

For more information on these publications and programs go to PTI’s website.