Tadano America joins tariff debate

Today is the final chance to comment on the upcoming US Department of Commerce Section 232 investigation into the petition to apply tariffs to imported mobile cranes.

Tadano, the third largest crane manufacturer in the USA through its Mantis telescopic crawler crane plant in Franklin, Tennessee, is the latest to come out against the tariffs, following Link-Belts announcement in Monday.

Ingo Schiller, chief executive of Tadano America, said: “The situation is an unusual one for our industry in that the manufacturers are divided on this issue with Manitowoc requesting tariffs be applied – but not to its cranes, which include German built telescopic crawlers – while most of the rest of the industry appears to be against it. As manufacturers we are all naturally fiercely competitive and we fight each other to win every deal, but if you lose a deal you move onto the next one. We are competitors – not enemies.”

“When it comes to issues concerning what is best for the industry as a whole, we are usually all in agreement. This is the first time that I recall where we are so divergent on an issue.”

“We have some issues with inaccuracies and misrepresentations in the petition which appear to be an attempt to mislead, and will be submitting some private and confidential attachments to our submission alongside the public material in order to illustrate that fact.”

“I hope that the department give this the time and attention that it requires and then reaches the right decision based on all the evidence and comments submitted.”

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