Thief takes platform while in use

A van mounted platform was stolen while the operator was working from the elevated platform on Tuesday in Abbotsford, Vancouver, Canada.

The man in the platform was apparently working at a height of around six metres – 14ft platform height – installing fibre optic cable, when the thief climbed into the drivers seat of the van and, according to local police, tried to drive off. Fortunately he ran into the pole the linesman was working on, which allowed him to unclip his harness and climb out onto the pole, before the thief changed gear and pulled away. However he then hit a lamp post and brought down a traffic light, ripping the fibreglass bucket/platform from its boom, before heading off down the road with the boom partially raised and telescoped.

photo Abbotsford Police

Police found the van mount abandoned nearby and with the help of their tracker dogs caught up with the suspected thief, 33, and arrested him as he attempted to steal another vehicle.

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