Tower crane incident in Finland

A tower crane lost its jib and counter jib on a site near Helsinki airport in Finland yesterday.

The crane, a Terex Comedil CTT 561-A20 20 tonne flat top, with counterweighted base, was operated by the main contractor Pallas Rakennus, on the construction of apartments in Vantaa, on the east side of the airport, due north of Helsinki.

The counter jib and tower section came down on the building

It looks as though the section of the tower above the slew ring came away from the slew ring fabrication, with the jib coming down across a road and landing on a site hut, while the tower section and counter jib dropped onto the building. Thankfully no one was hurt in the incident, the operator was in the cab at the time and had to be rescued, but apart from the shock he was fine.

The jib came down across a road onto site huts

According to witness statements there was a catastrophic failure of a critical component which caused a loud bang. Last night the crane and site were still being made safe, while an investigation into what happened is underway. If we learn more we will update this item.

The recovery and stabilisation continued until dark

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