The Transportation Safety Board is deploying a team of investigators to the Port of Vancouver following the collapse of a large crane onto a loaded container vessel.

A statement from the safety board says the ship, the 300-metre-long Ever Summit, struck a gantry crane while berthing and both the vessel and crane sustained damage.

According to Global Container Terminals (GCT), “a vessel came into contact with a GCT Vanterm ship-to-shore crane, resulting in damage” around 4 a.m. on Monday.

They say the ship was coming into berth, and footage of the crane, which is used to load containers onto ships, shows the boom draped across the vessel along with several crushed containers stacked at the ship’s stern.

Stairways and walkways at the top of the crane have been torn from their mounts and a large tubular “arm” is folded like an elbow.

Facility spokeswoman Louanne Wong says no one was hurt and two tugs are holding the ship against the dock to ensure it does not shift, possible causing further damage.