Upgraded Badger rail RT

Manitex has Upgraded Badger rail RT which is its 27 ton rail mounted Badger CD4430R cab down Rough Terrain crane.

The new CD4430R, which features a two section 16.1 meter main boom, has been updated with a Tier IV/Stage 5 Cummins diesel as well as an all new in cab touch screen display. The performance of the crane remains unchanged with the CD4430R able to lift 18 tonnes when mounted on railway tracks. When operated as a standard Rough Terrain crane it can handle its maximum 27 tonne capacity with its cantilever outriggers deployed and 15 tonne when free on wheels.

Industrial sales manager George Pocock, said: “Manitex is excited to announce new product enhancements to this rugged machine to keep up with the needs of the rail market with new improvements based on customer input. We strive to meet the needs of our customers in the field, improving productivity and reliability.”

Updated Manitex Rail Crane
Upgraded Badger rail RT

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