After video surfaced of a worker dangling from his utility bucket on a busy road in Fort Bend County, ABC13 Eyewitness News has learned new details about the incident.

Juan Lopez works with Traffic Systems Constructions and was identified by the company as the worker in the “freak” incident.

The construction company told ABC13 Eyewitness News that Lopez suffered minor bruises from the collision and returned to work the next day.

Lopez declined an interview with Eyewitness News but said that he wants to put the incident behind him.

His boss told us that Lopez saw the truck barreling down Highway 90 at Pitts Road, and he tried to raise his bucket. His safety harness prevented him from falling and hitting the concrete below.

Sheriff Troy Nehls weighed in on the crash on social media and urged drivers to pay attention. He also said that Lopez was not in the wrong.

“He was properly tethered and walked away from the crash,” Sheriff Nehls said on Twitter. “Please give maintenance workers some room and move over a lane when you see them.”